The Best Adventure Photographer Gear

I’ve been meaning to create a list of the gear I use on pretty much every adventure I go on for a while now. This isn’t really my gear kit for all of my elopements. More so for my adventure content & professional collaborations with outdoor brands etc. Sometimes I pack all of this stuff and sometimes only a few things go with me. It all depends on the job, where I’m going like if I’m hiking to my locations, or taking my 4×4 vehicle. So you can pick and choose from this list what you think you’ll need for each adventure. What you take will also depend on the type of pack or bag you have. Some packs fit almost everything and some just don’t. I’ll start with the most important pieces of gear first, which is obviously the cameras I use.

I’m linking to all my faves so you can create the perfect gear bag! These links are affiliate links so I do get a kickback that helps support my family without raising the cost of the product for you at all. I appreciate every bit of your support and visiting my page!

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My Must-Haves Adventure Photographer Gear List

Cameras that I use

Tripods and other gadgets that hold my cameras and/or external lighting

Lighting: flashes & continuous lights

Backpacks, Camera Bags, and Packing Cubes

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