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Loveland Pass Elopement Guide | Loveland Pass Elopement Photographer

About Loveland Pass

I’m writing this Loveland Pass Elopement Guide because it is a popular mountain location for elopements within 2 hours of Denver. I get a ton of couples who fly into Denver and want an epic mountain elopement experience without having to drive for several hours. And Loveland Pass is one of the top mountain view locations that fits that desire. If elevation doesn’t affect you badly then this is a location worth checking out. Other than the crowds it can see during peak times of year and on holidays and weekends, it is a really wonderful location. You can usually get some solitude by hiking a ways from the parking lot in any direction. Though, this hiking is not accessible in the winter.

Loveland Pass is located along the Continental Divide and i70. It boasts big rocky mountain views with jagged peaks and total mountaintop vibes. In the summer and before it gets snowed in there are several lakes that form from snowmelt. The ease of access and views are undeniable assets that make a wonderful elopement location.

The National Forest allows elopement ceremonies with up to 10 people as long as there are no altars, arches or erections of any kind. No decor, or furniture etc. For anything else written permission is needed.

Loveland Pass is located at roughly 12,000 feet elevation so you should prepare for high elevation conditions if you plan to visit. If you plan to elope with guests make sure you take into consideration any conditions they might have that would make a high-elevation location not ideal. If this is your concern let me know and I can share other elevation locations for the family to join you.

The best time to elope at Loveland Pass

Though it is beautiful year round I would say that the best time of year to elope on Loveland Pass is the summer and during sunrise. This gives you the most area to be able to explore with the best chance for good weather. Plus since it’s such a high elevation location summer time will give you the best chance for warm temps. If you are someone who cannot at all handle the cold then I don’t suggest sunrise anymore. But being flexible on your elopement day can also be helpful as summer storms usually move pretty quickly in Colorado. We get evening storms and tons of visitors which is why I always suggest sunrise if you can handle it.

Getting to Loveland Pass

a couple celebrate their recent surprise proposal on top of loveland pass in Colorado

Loveland Pass is reached by exiting i70 just before the Eisenhower tunnel onto Highway 6. Or just after the tunnel traveling from the west. The pass goes by Loveland Ski Area and over to A-Basin & finally finishes in Keystone.

Conditions on Loveland Pass

The conditions can widely vary up on the pass due to its high elevation. The summer can feel like winter and in the winter you’ll want traction to walk around safely.

The best way to check current and upcoming conditions on Loveland Pass is by watching Mountain-forecast.com and CDOT for road conditions. The cameras on CDOT can be helpful if you are trying to make a call from a far. Mountain forecast uses mountain top weather stations from all over to give a very accurate (from my experience) weather forecast. It’s down to the hour when within 24 hours and shows the 10 day as well. Along with the different forecasts from the top of the mountain, mid-mountiain, and the base. All you have to do is know which elevation you’ll be closest to in order to gauge what you’ll experience. As always, come prepared for all types of weather and conditions any time of year. And be prepared with back up plans in case the pass closes.

Activities to pair with a Loveland Pass Elopement





Boating, kayaking, or paddleboarding


Skiing or Snowboarding ( in resort and backcountry)

Ice Skating

Locations to Pair with Loveland Pass

Here are some beautiful locations that can be paired nicely with Loveland Pass. They are the closest locations and would give you a variety of environments. Depending on what kind of experience you want there are dozens of potential locations to pair with Loveland Pass.

Loveland Ski Area (winter only)

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area


Dillon Reservoir

Boreas Pass

Officers Gulch

Mayflower Gulch

a bride ice skates on a frozen alpine lake at her elopement on Loveland Pass in Colorado

Have a plan B & C just in case

Loveland Pass stays open all winter but can close due to avalanche danger or severe storms on the pass. But no matter where you elope in Colorado it is always good to have a backup game plan so you and your team are ready to pivot should anything arise.

Mountain Towns Closest to Loveland Pass

The nearest towns to Loveland Pass are Georgetown, Keystone, Silverthorne, Frisco, and Breckenridge. Most of these towns are west of the pass located in Summit County. Georgetown is likely the least expensive and Breckenridge can give you the best luxury vibes.






Micro-wedding and elopement venues near Loveland Pass

If you are looking to have your ceremony with more people or to just head up to Loveland Pass for photos. Here is a list of nearby venues and options for an intimate wedding ceremony with 15 people or less.

Elopement, Wedding & Photography Permits for Loveland Pass

If you have less than 10 people (including any vendors!!) and you aren’t using any ceremony decor, set-up of any kind including chairs & erected arches etc then you do not need a permit or permission to use Loveland Pass. If you have someone who is elderly or in need of a chair you are allowed to put a pop up camp type chair for them. But no ceremony or reception set-up of any kind is allowed.

Timeline Ideas for Loveland Pass Elopements

Sunrise Elopement Timeline Example for Loveland Pass

Sunset Elopement Timeline Example for Loveland Pass

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