This shoot was my first experience as a Summit County Elopement Photographer and it was more than I ever could’ve imagined. First, a couple who is down and actually excited to wake up to meet you at the crack of dawn… that is gold! And people who are willing and happy to power through 4 degree weather are unexplainable. But we had fun, I mean so much fun, running around the mountains before anyone else was up and moving on a cold morning. with the coolest fog inversion over the water.

Sunrise Elopement Shoot Over A Steamy Lake Dillon | Summit County Elopement Photographer

I met K&J, and their lil Buster, just before sunrise. It was absolutely frigid at only 4 degrees. But with the cold temps and early morning we had the entire Sapphire Point Overlook to ourselves. It was early October. Dillon Lake was covered in a low lying fog over it’s newly frozen surface. The sun started to light up the Ten Mile Range as we made our way to the overlook after bundling up in as many layers as we had brought with us. Sunrise in the mountains is always cold, doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of summer. The overnight lows just make for a chilly environment before the sunshine hits your skin. It makes you especially grateful for Colorado’s sunshine. They snuggled up and enjoyed the sunrise as I did my thing.

a couple snuggles with their dog over Dillon Lake in Summit County, Colorado for a sunrise elopement shoot in 4 degree temps

I’m a very laid-back approach photographer. This process isn’t about me or my photography but totally about you and your experience. I believe that if you’re having a good time, like a genuinely good time, then your photographs are going to be beyond beautiful to you. You’ll love your time with me and your photographs so much more if we’re doing something you enjoy while you look your best and get to share your beautiful love with your beautiful person.

I remember location scouting for this shoot vividly. It was one of my first “styled” kind of shoots that I was coordinating myself. It was also my first time driving into the mountains super early in the morning to location scout at sunrise. After this morning and this hike in Summit County, I was hooked to catching sunrise on a trail (or on the top) in the mountains. Since that day, I’ve appreciated the people willing to get up early with me even more. There is no other calm like the calm of sunrise. It’s the perfect time of day to be intimate and soak up every second of snuggles and love with your person.

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