An adventure couple snuggles in the back of their truck up a mountain 4x4 road for their Colorado Adventure Couples Photography session.

4×4 Mountain Adventure | Colorado Adventure Couples Photographer

I’ve known Sarah + Kim pretty much exactly a year to the day. Last year they modeled for my elopement styled shoot I put on on July 31, 2021. I knew they’d be down for something a little more adventurous like this couples’ 4×4 adventure in Colorado. My husband and I recently purchased our first 4×4 vehicle. I have been absolutely dying to get it out on the trails ever since. What better way than for an epic shoot at the top of a trail to watch sunset? I’ve also been wanting to get to play in lower lighting situations without the use of flash. To get creative and push myself but also to see the capabilities of the new Nikon mirrorless cameras. I shoot on a Nikon Z6 and Z6ii (that I recently fell on top of and need to send off for repairs). I wanted to push their limits and they absolutely ROCKED this shoot after sunset.

4×4 Mountain Adventure in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

We started on the dirt road about 6:30pm with a few stops along the way. From there we decided to keep going up the 4×4 trail to the top. I had no idea where it led to as I’d only ever gone so far on it before. But we all agreed we were in it for the adventure. And we decided that we would shoot at the top no matter what it looked like up there! There was no way we’d get to the top and then get back down with any light left at all. But it opened up to a gorgeous basin right at tree line with views of mountains near and far all around. To top it off the sunset for still showing. We got to watch the last bit of sunlight dance in the clouds as it got dark around us. Before we headed out, we turned the lights of my truck on while they danced together to finish the night off.

The shoot was exactly what I was envisioning but even better because the location we got was beyond what I could’ve imagined. Colorado never disappoints with it’s locations. But getting to a lot of them takes more work and resources than people realize. These locations are accessible with the right gear and knowledge of the terrain. If you have a 4×4, or if you want to rent a 4×4 and are looking for a photographer to join contact me using my inquiry form!

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