Resources to Help You Plan Your Colorado Travels

Colorado Elopement & Adventure Planning | For the Adventurer

I’ve learned a few things over the years of working and playing in the mountains. I’m happy to share all my knowledge with you all to help you have the best, most safe, experiences here in Colorado. So I’ve written several guides and blogs to help you have the best mountain adventures!

These resources will help you find an outdoor ceremony location & figure out what time of year is best for you and your guests. We’re sharing everything from links to favorite vendors plus some of the best easy-to-access locations across the state. We’re also including some useful links to required permits and booking sites for the locations. This list of resources will be continuously updating these resources with more ways to help you plan your elopement or intimate wedding in the mountains so be sure to check back!

Happy adventuring!

Always Remember to Leave No Trace

Always practice good stewardship of the outdoors and others when you’re playing in nature’s playground! Leave No Trace whenever possible and always always always pack out what you pack in. You get extra points if you carry a bag for others’ trash that has been left behind! 😉

Leave No Trace is so important; not only for the land we recreate on but for our access to it as well. If humans continue to trash public lands it will be taken from us slowly but surely. There are already hundreds of places that are closed off to the public and won’t be reopened until new growth and vegetation occur. For this simple reason we need to keep Leave No Trace principles in the forefront of our minds while we are out in nature exploring and having fun!